Pacific Capital Partners

SPOTLIGHT - Opportunity Zones

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Innovative Real Estate Finance

Pacific Capital Partners is a full service real estate investment advisory firm providing capital advisory services, and placement of both conventional and private or non-conventional debt and equity financing, as well as transaction advisory services for real estate acquisition, development, and disposition in a technology-enabled environment.

The role of private capital in real estate finance, and distribution through technology, is ever expanding, and Pacific Capital Partners is on the forefront of both.

Our services include:

Financing your acquisition or project

Pacific Capital Partners provides institutional, private, and non-conventional financing options for commercial, residential, mixed-use, hospitality, multi-family, office, industrial, senior living, and many other property types. We utilize innovative, cutting-edge strategies and structures to provide financing solutions for nearly any project or sponsor. 

Spotlight - Preferred Equity

Using preferred equity in real estate finance helps project sponsors bridge the gap between sponsor equity (sometimes as little as 3%) and debt (generall 65% to 80%), while providing preferred equity investors a higher-yielding investment that generates consistent cash flow when interest payments are made. Because the rate of return is fixed, the returns of preferred equity investors are capped (unlike the riskier investment of common or joint-venture equity investors) and do not have the same upside potential as common equity investments.  Pacific Capital Partners works with a broad spectrum of preferred and JV equity investors.

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